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Study Kit:

This interactive training software is a valuable teaching tool for NDT personnel. Developed by NDT Interactive Inc., in cooperation with CINDE of Canada, the Study Kit provides 100 typical SNT-TC-1A and CGSB certification questions in an interactive and stimulating learning environment (graphical and animated representations of the answers) . These CDs use Question and Answer sessions to supplement the usual training programs and a reference to the required written material for detailed explanations. The questions provide coverage of all nondestructive topics techniques and equipment. Also provided is a Workshop, offering guidelines for practical nondestructive testing exams. The study kit has the ability to record, rate your progress and mark your examinations. This software allows NDT training centers and organizations to conduct efficient and quality training in-house. The Study Kit is an interactive training concept which NDT Interactive Inc. wishes to promote as a future teaching tool for NDT personnel.

Training Kit:
These modules contain short lessons which mainly focus on nondestructive testing theory and principles. To demonstrate important concepts, the NDT topics are presented with graphics and animation. Intended for skilled NDT personnel with more NDT experience, the kit addresses to Level 3 students to assist the candidate preparing for Level 3 examination, ASNT and CGSB certification. Included are samples of questions and answers, assignments and practical NDT problems in an interactive environment. Also, the Training kit has the ability to record, rate your progress and mark your examinations.

System requirements:
Windows Platform, System type: 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems are fully supported (Win 7, 8, 10). This disk is actual program disk which is required to be installed (setup.exe).

NDT Interactive Inc. offers for NDT certifications a detailed collection of computer based training programs for nondestructive testing which includes the following modules:


Study Kits Level 1 and 2, (Newly updated, Version 2.0.):
  • Liquid Penetrant, Level 1&2
  • Magnetic Particle, Level 1&2
  • Eddy Current, Level 1
  • Eddy Current, Level 2
  • Radiography, Level 1
  • Radiography, Level 2
  • Ultrasonic, Level 1
  • Ultrasonic, Level 2
Training Kits (Newly updated, Version 2.0.):
  • Eddy Current, Level 3
  • Radiography, Level 3
  • Magnetic Particle, Level 3
  • Ultrasonic, Level 3
  • Liquid Penetrant Level 3
NDT related kits:
  • Trigonometry for NDT
  • Eddy Current Calculator � Test Frequency

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